The Brigit phenomenon: the revival of a pre-Christian goddess, or an old saint in new clothes?

by Sharon Blackie Brigit is one of the most-loved of the divine or semi-divine females who appear in medieval Irish literature, and one of the most poorly understood. A quick internet search will reveal all kinds of statements about her: she’s a fire goddess, a sun goddess … or, hang on a moment – was […]

The post-heroic journey: where eco-heroine meets eco-hero

by Sharon Blackie In my book If Women Rose Rooted, I described what I called an ‘Eco-Heroine’s Journey’: a kind of antidote to the swashbuckling, all-conquering hero who defines the action-adventure called the ‘Hero’s Journey’, which was first proposed by American mythologist Joseph Campbell several decades ago. In his book The Hero with a Thousand […]

Plant medicine in Ireland: discovering nature’s pharmacy

The Plant Medicine School

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by Nikki Darrell Plant medicine is a part of our natural authentic humanness. Research shows that we have genes in our bodies from plant origin and that as our bones form in the womb they follow the same growth pattern as plant cells. At the Plant Medicine School, we work to reclaim our herbal heritage, […]