Mary Reynolds: a new contributor to The Hedge School

I’m delighted to announce that my lovely friend Mary Reynolds is joining us as a contributor to The Hedge School. This means that Mary will be involved in discussions about both our vision and our future programme, and also that she’ll be part of that programme. Mary’s going to be a guest contributor to my online course, The Voices of the Wells, and watch out also for a special workshop or two in 2018!

Mary is a landscape gardener – but a very unusual landscape gardener, because her focus is on marrying the needs and wishes of the land’s guardian with the needs and wishes of the land itself. With her roots in natural gardening theory, Mary seeks to create spaces that are healing, truthful and magical. She is the author of the beautiful and inspiring book The Garden Awakening (which you can order through her website, at the link below). Her approach to garden design, described in the book, is a practical treasure-map which leads gardeners into a gentle and healing relationship with the land.

Dare to be Wild, a feature-length movie based on Mary’s journey to build a gold medal-winning natural and determinedly Irish garden at the Chelsea Flower Show, was released in 2016. Her new approach to garden design is a practical treasure map that leads gardeners into a gentle and healing relationship with the land.

You can find Mary’s website at marymary,ie.

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