Nature v technology: do we have to choose?

nature and technology

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by Bernadette Smart Nature seems to jar against the synthetic metal and plastic of technology, but as with all apparent polarities, there is another way of seeing things. Taking the route that both respects nature and positively utilises technology could unite two opposing forces, and harness this union for the greatest good of all. Technology, […]

An interview with Andreas Kornevall

Andreas Kornevall grew up in South America, Sweden and Switzerland. He spent several years volunteering with charities around the world, after which he co-founded Working Abroad  – a non-profit volunteering and travelling site. He now directs the Earth Restoration Service Charity, which aims to enhance ecological integrity by planting new woodlands around the world. And in […]

My post-heroic journey: Paul Powlesland

We are starting a series of interviews with those exploring “post-heroic” lives as described by Sharon Blackie as the eco-heroine’s or eco-hero’s journey. The first is Paul Powlesland, a 32-year-old barrister,  boat community builder and tree protector, who has embarked on a non-conventional, non-linear life journey leading him to connect to the land and rivers […]

Imbolc: Growing Time

by Joanna Gilar The snowdrops are here, and so, with a few hiccups in the flat muddy ground, are the purple fire crocuses. My eighteen-month-old son crouched down beside our boggy path yesterday, poked the pale shell of an incipient crocus and said, “Hello!” In his mind, perhaps, a multitude of small purple ones had […]