Let’s reclaim Easter from the chocolate companies and revive traditional games

Drawing by Heleln Allingham, 1891

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By Joanna Gilar I am an unapologetic enthusiast for festive happenings; for all spaces in which we grant ourselves permission to pause in our business, turn towards cyclical time and make magic in a great concord. Even though it is the colourful earthiness of older rites to which I would be drawn by inclination; even […]

Finding a sense of belonging among the hardy plants and canyons of New Mexico

New Mexico

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by Kiva Rose Hardin “Myth is not much to do with the past, but a kind of magical present that can flood our lives when the conditions are just so. It is not just the neurosis of us humans trying to fathom our place on earth, but sometimes the earth actually speaking back to us. […]

The Hedge School Podcast: a new episode

Today’s special treat: on The Hedge School Podcast, Sharon interviews bestselling writer, author of the ‘Boudica’ series, and ‘shamanic dreaming’ teacher Manda Scott (www.mandascott.co.uk). The conversation is focused on contemporary shamanic practice, and whether it is possible to recreate an authentic spiritual practice based on what little we know about the traditions followed by our […]

My post-heroic journey: Hen Anderson

Hen Anderson

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Hen Anderson established Spindlebrook No-dig Farm near Dartmoor and was part of the Save our Woods campaign which successfully prevented the privatisation of the public forest estate in 2012. She lives in a yurt on her farm with her partner Leo. What’s your life like at the moment? At the moment I’m living my dream, a […]

Singing with our ancestors: connecting to landscape through song

Birch trees

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By Emily Heuvel I have always been a singer. I was born in the Scottish Highlands, and one of my earliest memories is of sitting on the swing in my garden, singing about the hills and the birds – about what I could see. That’s how it has always been. Traditional music was forged from […]