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If you have a query about course offerings at The Hedge School, email info(AT)thehedgeschool(DOT)org. Do bear in mind that I can’t recommend which of the courses you should take. They don’t follow an order, and are quite independent of each other, so it’s very much down to your own instinct and the kind of work which draws you right now. Please note that I don’t offer ‘sample materials’ or extracts from the online courses. I don’t take sign-ups or expressions of interest for courses/workshops which are not listed on the relevant web pages as currently available; please sign up to my newsletter to keep up to date with what’s happening, and when.

I respond to all genuine enquiries about my work, but The Hedge School is a solo effort: I don’t have staff. I try to respond to all genuine enquiries as soon as I can. But time is precious, the need to earn a living is ever-present, and writing and teaching are all-consuming vocations – so I’m not able to offer personal advice and reading/study recommendations, nor to help with/participate in dissertations and research projects, nor to help you identify people in Ireland who might act as guides for workshops/ pilgrimages/ retreats that you may be offering. 

If you have a question about my writing, or availability for lectures, workshops and other events, please visit my personal website.

The Hedge School is based at my home, and as a writer I value my privacy and quiet. So I hope you will understand that we are not open to drop-in visitors.



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