A strong and healthy hedge needs a variety of different intertwined, interleaved species in order to thrive — each adding something essential, something which is necessary to attract different kinds of wildlife to the hedge, and to provide nourishment, shelter and sustenance for the ecosystem which arises. Here, then, are the friends and co-conspirators who contribute to the work of The Hedge School in a variety of different ways.



Marie Goodwin is a writer and recovering academic who lives in Media, Pennsylvania with her husband and two teen children. Her research interests range from ancient and medieval history to modern politics, radical economics to attachment theory, alternative medicine to de-colonising education, plant intelligence to permaculture, community activism to brain science, epistemology to life-learning, re-skilling to ancestral health, indigenous wisdom to the science of connection, ancient philosophy to astrophysics, and a whole lot in between. She is, or has been, an archaeologist, a teacher, an activist, a scientist, a homesteader, an unschooling mother of two, a world-traveler, a Ph.D. student, an art exhibition coordinator, a potter, a student of permaculture and herbalism, a mentor, a community organiser, and an editor. Marie is currently birthing her first book of alternative historical fiction set in medieval Ireland, Iceland, Greenland and Vinland; you can find out all about it at



Ruthie Hayes studies and practices the art of herbal medicine from her wooded home in the hills of southeastern Pennsylvania. She tends her earthspace, along with her husband and two sons, on land that her family has farmed for nine generations. Ruthie is passionate about reconnecting with and integrating traditional methods of healing into her practice, and much of her work with plants is inspired by the myth and story of her Celtic and Scandinavian heritage. She is the proprietress of Mother Hylde’s Herbal, is also a massage therapist, and has studied functional herbalism at the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine. You can follow her as Mother Hylde’s Herbal on Facebook, Instagram, and find her writings and remedies at



Dr Joanna Gilar is an academic, writer and storyteller whose work explores the intersection of stories and the wild world. She has a PhD in fairy tales and ecological storytelling from the University of Chichester. From her home in Sussex she works as a guest lecturer at the University of Chichester, and spends the rest of her time looking after her young son, writing about home-making and parenting, and performing poems and stories at venues across Europe and the UK. Joanna offers an online course, ‘The Fairytale Atlas’, through The Hedge School, and has been a guest contributor to Sharon’s ‘Voices of the Wells’ course. Joanna’s website is at


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