Image: ‘The Cape’, by Andrea Kowch

My creative residential retreats here in Ireland are for women who are between stories; for women who see that the world is challenged, changing, and who are wondering about their place in it. During all these retreats we explore the ways in which we can bring into being our uniquely female wisdom, which so often remains unawakened or suppressed. We do this by working with wild myth and story, and by mapping and deepening our connections with place, and the natural world.

The emphasis on our creative retreats is primarily on writing as a mode of expression, but in exploring the archetypal imagery in individual stories, we will also work with other creative media and expressive arts. No experience of any particular art or craft is necessary! (Please note that these are not ‘how to write’ programmes, and we do not focus on technique or ‘workshop’ our writing.)

The retreats are also founded on our immersion in the Irish land in which they take place: land in which I live, whose ancient flesh and bones I know and love, and which I am deeply connected to. This is not just an imaginal immersion, but a physical one too: we will be actively experiencing the land and its plants and creatures. My approach, then, is deeply grounded, rooted in embodied sensory experience as well as in creative imagination work. I aim to create a warm, supportive but creatively challenging and transformative atmosphere in which we spend time indoors and outdoors, exploring a unique combination of practices to deepen our connectedness, catalyse our own personal metamorphoses, and enrich our creative practice.

On all retreats, afternoons are free for private creative work, walking, and relaxation; some (but not all) evenings after dinner are devoted to conversation, readings, and to myth- and storytelling by the fire.

In all cases, please check the ‘how to book’ information on the relevant page before enquiring. We only consider and reply to applications which contain the requested information.

You can sign up to our newsletter (bottom of the page) and/or follow our Facebook page to be kept up to date with future retreats. Please note that we do not keep separate mailing lists for retreats we haven’t announced yet, so we cannot book you in advance on, or add you to a list for, a retreat that doesn’t yet exist. (No retreats are currently scheduled in 2020.)


Reclaiming the Wise Woman: dreaming ourselves awake, Beara Peninsula, Ireland

For more information about this retreat, please visit this page.


Sunday May 5 to Saturday May 11, 2019 (fully booked, waiting list available).


Reclaiming the Wise Woman: dreaming ourselves awake, Connemara, Ireland

For more information about this retreat, please visit this page.


Sunday 13 to Saturday 19 October, 2019 (fully booked, waiting list available).



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