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‘Sisters of Rock and Root’ is a unique year-long self-study online course; an experience for women who want to delve deeply into wild stories, myths and archetypes, and so to connect in a grounded, rooted way with the cycles and seasons of the year, and the themes associated with them as they arise in your own life. This course is focused on building a deep, embodied sense of belonging to the place you live in right now.

‘Sisters of Rock and Root’ is organised around the eight seasonal festivals which many of us in Ireland and the other Celtic countries still acknowledge. If you’re subscribing from places in the world that aren’t rooted in this Celtic culture, the aim isn’t to impose upon you something foreign, or inauthentic, something that isn’t deeply grounded in the place you’re in. I believe that it is critically important that the stories we take into ourselves, and that we live by, spring from their deep roots in the land where we are living – not from some place that we can only imagine, or dream of, or romanticise. But the reason for this focus is simply to offer up one example of a way in which we can root ourselves into the seasons and cycles of the living land, and if the Celtic festivals and their associations don’t have much meaning for you, there is nothing in the materials which would prevent you from experiencing the cycles and seasons of the year in your own way. ‘Sisters of Rock and Root’ is not about showing you how to celebrate Imbolc or the Winter Solstice, about creating rituals or altars or practicing any particular brand of spirituality; it is about deepening your relationship with the land you occupy, using the eight festivals as anchor points for your own experience of the cycles and seasons of the year. From this grounding, ‘Sisters of Rock and Root’ offers you ways of finding your own stories of cycles and seasons, showing you how to penetrate the musky, earthy places of your own territory, and so to apply the lessons that you’ll learn here to the reality of your own embodied life.

Subscribe to this year-long course, and on or just before each of the eight seasonal festivals, you will receive links by email to download:

  • An illustrated telling of a Celtic/ European myth or fairy tale which has relevance to the issues and themes that we are reflecting on during the season in question, and a discussion of the psychological and ecopsychological issues that arise from that story. We’ll explore the key themes and images in each story, and the ways in which it connects us back to the land and its seasons and natural cycles, and its nonhuman inhabitants.
  • A brief illustrated introduction to each of the eight seasonal festivals and the themes and ideas that each season offers us.
  • A narrative guide for you to follow: one which you will slowly piece together over the eight installments of the course, and which will allow you to experience the transformative power of myth and story in the your own life. In ‘Sisters of Rock and Root’, this material focuses on building our relationship with place, and on building a sense of belonging to the world. (Please note that the writing/creative element of ‘Sisters of Rock and Root’ doesn’t entail supervision or individual feedback: it’s for you alone to pursue.)

You can join at any time during the year and it will roll on through a full calendar year so that you cover all eight instalments in order. (Please note: subscribers in the southern hemisphere will be sent instalments that are relevant to their own seasons and calendars.)

If you have read If Women Rose Rooted and The Enchanted Life, you will find some overlap in a few of the exercises offered during this course; however, the stories are all new.



The course fee is £90 if you are based in the UK and paying in sterling, and 100 euros if you are based elsewhere in the world. (With apologies, because of the time we’ve had to spend in the past chasing missed payments, we’re no longer able to offer payment plans for online courses.)

Please use the PayPal buttons below to make your payment; they enable you to pay via a PayPal account or to use any credit or debit card. Please note that, for tax reasons, you may only pay in £Sterling if you are resident in the UK and if your PayPal statement shows a UK address. In all other cases you MUST use the ‘Rest of the World’ option; if you select the wrong option we will be forced to refund you and have you sign up again, so do please take care.

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1. If you are paying by PayPal and have a PayPal account, please make sure that the email address associated with your account is correct, to ensure that your course materials are sent to the right place. If you would like to have your materials sent to a different email address, or if you would like to purchase the course as a gift for someone else, please email us (info[at]thehedgeschool[dot]org) with the details as soon as you’ve made your PayPal payment.

2. Once you’ve made your payment you will receive a PayPal receipt for your payment. We always then acknowledge all sign-ups individually by email, usually within three working days (please be patient; The Hedge School does not have staff, and we catch up on email and admin when we can). If you do not hear from us please check your junk mail folder before contacting us, in case your acknowledgement email has ended up in spam.

3. We recommend you don’t use a Hotmail email account for this course as it is notorious for screening out emails which are sent to mailing lists before they even make it to your spam folder. If your PayPal account is linked to a hotmail account, please email us with a different email address for receiving your course materials.

4. Because mailing lists are automated, if you sign up on or just after one of the festivals, your first instalment will be for the festival which follows.

5. Please note that once you begin the course and have downloaded your first materials, no refunds can be given. All refund requests before you begin the course are subject to a €25 administration fee.

6. For EU customers (excepting the UK): your course fee includes VAT at 23%.

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